Become a reseller of .be / .eu domain names


Domain name

"To The Point" is an official registrar of Belgian en European domain names with the extension .be and .eu.

Become our reseller and resell .be / .eu domain names for only 10 euro per domain name.

How to resell domain names
Every reseller has at his disposal a web-interface where the domain names can be registered, renewed, transfered and traded in real time.

Click here to dip into our web-interface.
For login-name use: "test" and for password also: "test".

Reseller prices

A reseller can register Belgian and European domain names for only 10 euro per domain name (excluding vat).

There is no set-up fee. The only condition consists of wiring an initial amount of 100 euro (excluding vat), which covers the registration of ten domain names. After that the reseller is not obliged to make any minimum turnover.

Contact us
If you decide to become a reseller, we'll send you an invoice for the payment of 100 euro (excluding vat). On receipt of your payment, we'll inform you and then you can start registering .be domain names.

For any questions or if you want to order, please contact us.

To The Point, Beverestraat 48, B9700 Oudenaarde, BelgiŽ,